Edward Vidaurre


Ramona and rumi: Love in the Time of Oligarchy: & unedited Necessary Poems

 In 2018, Edward Vidaurre was named Poet Laureate of McAllen, Texas. 

In addition to his full length, poetry collections, Vidaurre has been published in both academic and Indie literary journals and anthologies. 

 Vidaurre was the Director of Operations for the 2018 Rio GrandeValley International Poetry Festival. Edward is a moderator for the influential blog, “Poets Responding”, and founder of Pasta, Poetry & Vino - a reading series in the Rio Grande Valley of deep South Texas. 

He resides in McAllen, Texas with his wife and daughter. 

 This chap-book collection cuts with the erotic edge of night, and explores inspirations that range from lipstick smears to screaming guitars. 

Edward is a true "peoples' poet" and remains a central figure in the Indie Lit scene he has helped nurture for years, along the banks of the Rio Grande River in deep South Texas. 

This chap-book turns mostly inward...introducing readers to his love, his passion, his lust, his muses and inspirations. This is a poetic masterpiece that we can all relate to, with an honesty we can all hope to bring into our own lives and loves. 

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